Simply put, direct cremation is the most basic form of cremation:

Your loved one is transferred into our care, the cremation takes place without witnesses, and the ashes are returned to you (usually in a simple Eco container)

You cannot attend a direct cremation, as it does not offer any kind of funeral service or the presence of a minister or officiant, and therefore takes place without the presence of any mourners.

With direct cremation, there are no ceremonial services involved and is without embalming, viewing or visitation.

It includes:-

 Cremation fees

 Any doctors’ fees that apply for the completion of legally required certificates.

 Guidance on death registration and all necessary paperwork.

 A simple coffin. (No choices given)

 Transfer of the deceased from place of death to the Britannia House Funeral Home, Llandovery within 25 miles radius.

 Transfer to our most local crematorium (In an appropriate vehicle). Llanelli Crematorium is often used. We are happy to discuss other options with you should you so wish, however there may be additional costs involved.

 If requested to do so, informing you on the day prior to the proposed cremation, when the crematorium will accept your loved one into their care, so that if you so wish you are able to remember them in your own way at that specific time.

 Returning your loved ones cremated remains into your care.

You won’t be able to choose the time, location, or date of the cremation, although, we are comfortable to avoid specific dates, should you so wish.

Families are able to hold life celebrations or thanksgiving services in memory of their loved one, either before or at a later date.

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