Simply put, just a low-cost funeral with options and choices which incur extra charges:

Your loved one is transferred into our care and you choose either a cremation or burial at a time and place to suit your needs. However, at all times the most reasonable options are discussed, to give your loved one a full and dignified send off at the most reasonable of costs. Most crematoriums offer an early service at reduced rates.

With a simple funeral, you can choose either to just attend with no service, or family members can take the service personally, or we can engage a celebrant, vicar, minister or similar to build and conduct the service on your behalf.

It includes:-
 Provision of a simple coffin, suitable for burial or cremation.
 Funeral Directors services.
 Guidance on death registration and all necessary paperwork.
 Attending to all necessary arrangements.
 Provision of all necessary staff.
 Transfer of deceased from place of death during normal working hours (Within 25 miles)
 Care of the deceased.
 Provision of a suitable vehicle to the nearest crematorium or cemetery – choices discussed at time of need.
 Online death notices and memorials via Facebook.

These are additional fees, which are paid on your behalf and may include:
 Burial fees including gravedigger.
 Embalming and preparation for viewing and a final farewell.
 Crematorium and Doctors fees.
 Organist.
 Celebrant, Minister or Vicars fees.
 Death notices in local or national papers.
 Service leaflets (order of service).
 Limousine for mourners.
 Additional, unspecified fees incurred with special requests.

All additional fees are discussed and estimated at need and are fully itemised. Family members are welcome to prepare some items for the funeral personally.

One thing Covid has taught us, is that funerals no longer need to be flamboyant to celebrate the life of a loved one. But remembering each person’s individuality is often much more important.

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