Simply put, for that more hands-on approach:

Your loved one is transferred into our care, where we only offer refrigerated storage and then transfer to your chosen venue at a time and day to suit both parties. A less formal mode of transport is usually provided.

When a family prefers to be more hands on, we can offer a very simplified service. Families are able to deal personally with all paperwork and documentation and we give no formal advice unless requested to do so.

Families can choose and purchase their own coffin, organise crematoriums, natural burial grounds, home burials and services. There will be no preparation of the deceased unless instructed to do so. This would incur an additional charge.

We are also comfortable to be involved further should families wish, although this may also incur additional charges.

 Collection and care of the deceased at the Britannia House Funeral Home for up to 14 days.
 Placing deceased in your chosen coffin. (No preparation or dressing)
 Transferring deceased to your chosen destination.
Additional costs would apply outside a 25 mile radius and for offering an out of hours service.

We take no responsibility for the suitability of coffins not purchased through us for their size, material suitability for cremation or burial and their condition upon receipt or durability.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options and requests, which may fit with your beliefs and wishes. Fully itemised estimates will be given.

01550 720636 / 01558 824344