Funerals provide an important function in the grieving process; they are an opportunity for us to come together and pay tribute to our loved one. They are, however also one of the most expensive purchases many people will make. Given their significance and cost, it is important that those who purchase funeral services clearly understand what they are purchasing and are confident that what they are being charged is reasonable.

Last year, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) completed an in-depth market investigation into the funerals sector after concerns were raised that funeral directors were not treating customers fairly. Concerns centred around the lack of price transparency within the sector which made it hard for bereaved families to compare costs between providers and choose the right service for their loved ones.

Each funeral is individual, but please remember we are approachable and willing to discuss any of the services and prices listed. We will always offer a fully written estimate for each funeral we conduct.

Below is the Standardised CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) price list, fees for a Direct Cremation, A Simple Funeral service, DIY funerals and the more traditional Bespoke Funeral. (We do not charge for any of our services for anyone under the age of 18)

We also include most of the other services we provide, however, offering a comprehensive list of prices is a difficult task, as everyone’s wishes are so different. Please contact us for further information.

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